This is us, the people that make Third Sector Design.

Meet the team

Michael McAndrew


Meet Michael, he is an ex-member of the CiviCRM core team and founded Third Sector Design in 2005 to help non profits maximise their impact on the web. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a former member of the civicrm core team and from numerous projects with non-profits including creating CRM, CMS, web applications, campaign tools and interactive online tools.

Michael focuses on the big picture, working closely with you to build digital strategies that ensure holistic planning and measurable success for every project. He is actively involved in CiviCRM community projects like conferences, sprints, documentation infrastructure. He continually explores how movements on the web, like free software and open source, intersect with social movements and non-profit causes.

Johanna Wallther

Operations manager

Meet Johanna Wallther. She makes sure our business is sustainable, improving and growing. When Michael is focused on the bigger picture, Johanna is dedicated to the details; improving our organisational tools and processes. 

Before working at 3SD, she was a project manager at MADE-BY and logistics coordinator at the sustainable fashion brand People Tree. She also spent a couple of years running a tasty street food stall in Whitecross Street Market, London. 

For Johanna, happiness is handmade. Since becoming a mother, she is keen to impart on her kids her love for making things from scratch and going back to the basics. She will always make time to just be in the moment and create, be it making her own sourdough bread, kefir yoghurt, muesli or watercolour painting and even pottery!

Rebecca Tregenna

Project manager

Meet Rebecca Tregenna. She brings a wealth of experience with her in terms of system development, configuration and business process and data review. She takes a service design approach while supporting our clients in using the technology available. She is not interested in creating pretty pixel-perfect designs only. Instead, she implements user-centric processes to come up with technological solutions for non-profits. 

She cares about the impact of her work. She deliberately shifted from the private sector to the not-for-profit sector across the UK. Rebecca believes in always learning and applying her knowledge to hopefully make the world a little better.

She's a proud mother of two; together they cook and bake, play and walk their dog, Brody. Rebecca makes the most of what she calls 'a perfect triangle' with the moors, a forest and a beach at a ten-minute distance from her house.

Carlos Capote


Meet Carlos Capote. He has a mastery over many aspects of CiviCRM development focusing on fundraising, finance and payment processing. He deeply cares about working on projects for good and hopes that he helps people in a meaningful way. Before joining our team he ran his own CiviCRM consultancy, and before that was a Databases and IT project manager at Amnesty International Spain.

What he loves most about being a developer is the ability to switch between obsessing over a detailed code for a specific client to speculating its greater purpose for other non-profits in the same working day. He thinks that drawing connections between these two scales of thinking is where the magic happens and the impact is magnified.

When he doesn’t dream about code, he thinks about music theory and what he should be strumming on his guitar next. He can frequently be found in Jazz camps on the Canary Islands swaying to the music and making his own.

Portrait of Kurund Jalmi

Kurund Jalmi


Meet Kurund Jalmi, a committed non-profit techie, coder and web enthusiast. Kurund brings over 15 years of experience as a Chief Technology Officer providing world-class technological solutions for private and non-profit sectors in India and the USA. Kurund loves tech-for-good projects  that improve people’s lives. Being in a small team, he wears multiple hats from coding to testing to policy writing to project management.

He enjoys the challenge of keeping up with New Tech and immersing himself into the culture. Although he believes in engaging with non-profits to understand their problems first before jumping into tech-solutions. Kurund is a workhorse with a can-do attitude, and in the toughest of situations he simply remembers his life-mantra “Shit happens, turn it into fertilizer”.


Portrait of Farzan Dalal

Farzan Dalal


Meet Farzan, a design researcher and visual communicator working in the non-profit sector in India and the UK for the last seven years. Specialising in discovery, he helps non-profits think strategically about their goals on par with the needs of their supporters.

He leverages visual storytelling while designing digital systems, UI, campaigns, and educational tools. He believes visual storytelling has the power to change minds, influence behaviour and develop empathy. Operating at an intersection of social welfare, technology, and ecology, he applies design thinking to address wicked problems. When not thinking about wicked problems, he turns to nature to slow down; collecting stones, dried twigs & barks, leaves, flowers, soil, and seeds. He presses them, boils them, steams them and prints them on fabric and paper. 

William Mortada's portrait photograph

William Mortada


Meet William, our senior developer. He has over 25 years of experience helping nonprofits, charities and voluntary organisations with technical knowledge and a deep understanding of voluntary organisations. He has supported many organisations to use technology, from managing marketing and communications to developing websites and databases. Before working at Third Sector Design, he was Digital Manager at a-n The Artists Information Company. He also runs CiviCRM North East, a non-technical, friendly and accessible meetup for CiviCRM users in the North East of England.

He believes that technology by itself does not solve problems; it's a tool that can be used to leverage an organisation’s strength. What charities often need is organisational change and tech to support that change.

Outside of work, he believes nature is a great place to recharge and appreciates getting fresh air, exercising, walking and cycling.


In addition to our core team, we often work in partnership with other providers that compliment our skill set. This allows us to focus on what we do best, gives you access to experts across many different fields, and ensures that we bring the right team to every project.