Welcoming Senior developer, William Mortada

3rd November 2021

At Third Sector Design we like to hire people that want to make a difference and are proud to count William Mortada among that number. William has over 25 years of experience helping nonprofits, charities and voluntary organisations with technical knowledge and a deep understanding of voluntary organisations.

William always had a passion for making the world a better place and began working and volunteering for several charities in the North East. He developed a good understanding of the needs of voluntary organisations. In the early stages of his career, he got drawn into tech. For that reason, he calls himself an "accidental techie". And it was indeed a happy accident as he recognised the power of tech for social good.  

In 2000, he began consulting for Community IT Academy (CITA), supporting voluntary and community organisations with technology. At the same time he helped many charities to use tech, from managing marketing and communications to developing websites and databases as a freelancer. 

In 2017 he started working at a-n The Artists Information Company, managing their website and CiviCRM.

In 2018, William started CiviCRM North East, a non-technical, friendly and accessible meetup for CiviCRM users in the North East of England. Topics included “how to use Mosaico to send emails?” or “How can we get data out of CiviCRM?”. CiviCRM North East went online during the pandemic and has broadened its audience from 10 participants based in Newcastle to over 30 participants from all over the world, showing how collaboration can increase knowledge, strengthen connections, inspire action, and encourage mutual support.

Aligning with our ethos, William brings with him the wisdom that technology by itself does not solve problems; it's a tool that can be used to leverage an organisation’s strength. What nonprofits often need is organisational change and tech to support that change. 

Our company is growing and changing every day, and we are thrilled to have William along for the ride. We look forward to helping him make waves!