Using and contributing to Searchkit

Use searchkit displays to customise your contact summary screen

9th August 2021

Wherever possible we like to contribute back to CiviCRM. Here is how we did so recently with our client, Omega Research Foundation and the Searchkit extension.

Omega Research Foundation needed some fairly extensive customisation of their contact screens so that they could quickly access key information for their contacts. We knew that the available extensions were not powerful enough for our needs. We also knew that the Searchkit extension could make the displays we wanted, but it couldn’t add these displays as tabs or as blocks on the summary screen.

We decided to reach out to the CiviCRM core team to ask them to add this functionality to searchkit.

It took three days of the core team’s time to implement the features we needed. By contributing this functionality to CiviCRM, thousands of other organisations using CiviCRM are able to benefit from the work. Now anyone can use searchkit displays to create blocks on the contact summary screen and as the basis for new contact tabs.

For more details, see the complete blogpost on the CiviCRM website.