Introducing, Pretty Workflow Messages

Apply your organisation's branding to all workflow messages in one go

21st May 2021

More often than not, CiviCRM users find it quite painful to include organisational branding in the system workflow messages and find it difficult to ensure a consistent look and feel across communications. If you have ever attempted to modify the HTML of multiple system workflow templates, you will identify with how tricky and error-prone this can be.

Tailoring message templates and updating branding in the past has been arduous, but not anymore with our new extension. 

Introducing, Pretty workflow messages! This extension allows users to create a single email template (Civi or Mosaico work) with organisation branding and applies it to all the system workflow templates. 

Super thanks to our clients Population Matters and Support Through Court for their support and for making this extension possible. The extension has already been approved for automated distribution so all you need to start is go to the Extensions page in the CiviCRM admin interface, find Pretty workflow messages and click Download to install. Please read the complete blogpost on the CiviCRM blog for more details on getting started and other support you may need with pretty workflow messages.