Inky templates and CiviMail

Try out our first beta release of the Inky Compose CiviCRM extension

20th October 2017

Inky compose brings the power of Inky (a part of Zurb's Foundation for Emails 2 framework) and Pug to CiviMail, but it is not for everyone. Users that wants a drag and drop interface will be more at home with Mosaico. Inky is worth considering if you are a power user, a designer with technical know how, or a developer.

Once installed Inky replaces the standard CiviMail compose screen with something that looks a bit like a markdown editor. You write your email on the left using Pug and Inky and get a preview of email friendly HTML that is designed to work across all email clients (even Outlook!) on the right.

Have a play around and let me know what you think. The documentation is a bit lacking at the moment but that should be rectified soon. Until then, feel free to get in contact if you have any questions on usage.

Update 2nd November 2017: Inky Compose can now be used alongside 'traditional' CiviCRM mailings and other extensions like Mosaico.