Gift aid for CiviCRM

CiviCRM now comes with 'out of the box' support for Gift Aid

20th October 2010

Gift Aid makes use of two new features that we've added to core CiviCRM in 3.3, and as such you will need to upgrade your site to 3.3 to make use of this functionality. And what better way to be a part of the 3.3. release cycle!

The module comprises a couple of custom data sets to hold all Gift Aid data, a profile to use on contribution forms to collect this data, a task to batch 'gift-aidable' contributions and a report to submit batches to HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in case any of you are wondering).  Nice!  The two things we've added to core (because we think they will be generally useful in other situations) are the ability to insert tasks into component task lists, and the concept of batches, which allows you to put any of CiviCRM's entities into batches.  The module currently works with Drupal but Joomla integration (thanks to Joomkit for their sponsorship) should follow within the month.

Watch out for a more technical blog post on how we developed this module coming soon from Lobo.

Thanks for the development of this module go to:

  • Circle Interactive (coding, CiviCRM integration)
  • Millertech (requirements and initial code)
  • Third Sector Design (requirements, documentation, user interface)
  • Deepak and Lobo from the core team (much hard work coding, helping us code, and pushing for the final release)
  • Everyone who attended sessions and worked on Gift aid at the 2009 London developer camp and 2010 Bristol code sprint

Very special thanks go to the following organisations for stepping up and funding this work.  It seems like Make it happen is a great way for organisations to get the functionality they need into CiviCRM:

We're on the look out for further extend and improve this functionality and your further contributions (financial, intellectual, code) will make this happen.